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Competitive Intelligence in the Pharma sector

I had Monday an interesting discussion with Lorenzo, currently working at Merck Laboratories. It's good to see how competitive intelligence is organizing itself, taking care of some local cultural specificities, like the language or the sectorial needs (like us the information gathering the same for a consulting business or for pharma companies?)... BTW, a seminar will be held in Berlin around the CI and pharma topic. Have a look here .

Competitive Intelligence Resources

I had yesterday evening an interesting discussion with the owner of a small furniture making company. It still amaze me how difficult it is for people that are not specialized in management (account management, marketing management, financial management etc.) to grow in Europe...Can Internet be a first answer to that kind of problem? BTW, here a good Competitive Intelligence entry page:

New Google search engine

I just read, among other web news, that Google is powering a new search engine. I tried it with several queries - and was impressed. Just try

Web developer 2005

Today has been a great day. I just had a mail exchange with my friend Patricia Wolf about the Unbla 2007 seminar, held in Luzern in January next year. And I decided to go. Some hours later, and there is absolutely no connection between the two facts, I tried and installed the latest Visual Studio 8.0 version, especially the Web developement express edition. Just to have an idea.

Already heard about Gondola language ?

I just read something new (for me at least) about a stock markets calculation programming language. Incredible. I thought we could manipulate data as much as we wanted with any 'common' programming languages like C, C# or Java. And I discovered this night that "the Gondola Language is a language for analyzing stock market data. The language allows you to do a variety of tasks from listing stocks in tables that only match your criteria to creating automated buy/sell paper trade rules. The language is closely modeled after the C programming language, so if you know that language, then you should find Gondola easy and familiar to work with. " Who said computer engineers were not creative?