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Happy New Year, folks!!

Time to move on, to pause and to reflect on what has been achieved during 2022. In a nutshell, we made this year a subtle mix of management consulting projects (heart of Brussels, regional administration), a second-level of Open Group certification in Enterprise Architecture and, during the last part of the year, we designed a specific approach for managing what is called technical debt . The concept of technical debt is broadly detailed online, but concretely, it addresses all the legacy, the old code, the old technologies a client might have in his IT ecosystem and that need to be updated to new IT norms (code language, software versions, security levels etc.) A quite funny journey 😅 On our recruitment side, Magma filled every client request with a new candidate and quite great profiles were recruited. Congrats to our partner Delphine that made that amazing job! And, last and certainly not least, we hired 2 people for Blue Soft Belgium, bringing the team to 4. And this is a first y