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Still working remote?

It has now been so many months that COVID19 invited himself in our lives, forcing the whole planet to buy some facial protections, hand gel...and use technology to compensate the distance between us.  And, maybe, if you do the same kind of job that I'm doing, you still need to interact and to show (visually, graphically) some 'achieved milestones'? Well, there are some free resources you might have a look at. First, for any animation technique, online friendly or not, you can have a look at The Session Lab  where you will find zillions of animations and workshops techniques you can use with customers.  Another great online resource for Architecture maps design is the Online Diagram site  where you can access free and up to date icons, architecture blueprints, but also business analysis diagrams, balance scorecards etc. Finally, I would recommend the online Mural App  from where you can design a full online workshop and invite your customers to participate in the process.