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Please don't work from home.

Having already written what I thought when Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer decided and announced in public that Yahoo employee's were invited to work from the office - and not from home anymore... I can't resist to come back to the recent declaration of HP CEO Meg Whitam (also banning home work for HP employees). First and foremost, I'm happy not to work for Yahoo or HP. Not that they don't have attractive products (I speak for HP here), but I seriously doubt about the vision and strategy those two ladies have for their group. Commuting, concentrating people in one working place means: waste of time, waste of energy (think on car engines, fuel etc.) and, in some cases, for long distance commuters, exhausted employees. On top of that, we could question the purpose of having people in a room when you have a full suite of tools for making online (video) conferences - and not only a cheap one-to-one model, but for plenty of participants. When you're supposed to lead technologi

Big data, big data or big nothing?

McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) published some months ago a report about Big data and where we really can expect to make significant gains (process improvement, doing more with better analyzed datasets, taking more efficient decisions within public or private sector etc.) The five key sectors MGI analyzed were: Healthcare in the US ; retail in the US ; personal location data (on Global level) ; manufacturing (Global level) and, my favorite one, public sector administration in Europe. The first question I would like to ask to our European institution is Have you read the paper and what’s your position regarding the drafted conclusions? A second (easy) one would be Do we have a similar institute that could extend the McKinsey research on Healthcare in the EU; retail in the EU? And final, but not least, are we coordinating some activities from the EU member states in order to win technology advantages compared to other continents? Where are we with Cloud computing legislation, lega