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Working from home: the end of an era?

I read this morning an interesting article about home working policies and Marissa Mayer's decision to bring home working to an end at Yahoo!... See the whole article here We all know that publication, information and news are every day published, always faster and faster, with less and less time for analysis...but honestly, who can believe that Mayer's decision is a full and complete change of mind? In my eyes, it can't be the case for very simple reasons: Who can imagine that an innovative IT corporation is concentrating all his knowledge (normally located in employee's head) in one single place? Who can imagine that Mayer - as CEO - wants to give the feeling that she embraces an old management style and brings Yahoo! (even more) in the past? Who has said that the new HR policy prohibits reasonable home working choices (like one day a week, for example)? Who has even thought that, with all the current technology we have in place, and especially in the IT secto