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Process Automation

Coming back on the McKinsey report I discussed on my last post, one emerging segment was interesting (well, they all are) - but let's focus on one more specifically, otherwise I don't have anything to say for this month). Being involved in knowledge and IT management for many years now, the section of automation of knowledge work is one of the most challenging. With the emergence of new tools, new programming languages and techniques (what after object-oriented programming?), increased processing power, enhanced connectivity and portability...more than 100 millions FTE's could be impacted). The use of deep learning, neural networks (computers that enable and adapt their own algorithms), we expect huge job shifts (job losses and job creations, with gains in medical sciences, management and professional services [fraud detection, for example]). This is probably underestimated today in the current CIO agenda's, where we're still lacking good and robust informat