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The cloud takes shape: a KPMG Global Survey

Cloud has finally started to move beyond the hype and into the fundamental fabric of today’s enterprise. As a result, organizations around the world are now gaining valuable insight, not only into the potential benefits of cloud, but also the practical challenges of adopting these evolutionary and highly disruptive technologies.   Emerging complexities   According to The cloud takes shape, organizations are finding particular challenges with data management, systems integration and the management of multiple cloud providers.   The report finds that there is a growing recognition that business process redesign must occur in tandem with cloud adoption if organizations hope to achieve the full potential of their cloud investments. A comprehensive view of the current cloud environment   The cloud takes shape also provides practical and actionable advice on cloud for enterprises and their executives. Read a summary of the key chapters below.   Setting expectationsCost red

Third publication on Open innovation 2012 is available

The European Commission has issued a third Open Innovation book. The 3 parts of the book focus on policy development trends and weak signals in service innovation cases and open innovation development in EU countries and regions What strikes me in the third part is that one of the case is about cloud computing that can take service innovation to next level . Let's see what does that means exactly... Cloud computing will boost our European economy with an accelerated time to market for new applications (installation time of a Database is today around 12 minutes; the deployment of new applications passed from some months to some days...), rapid information delivery and efficient data analysis. For the non service economy, enhanced connectivity and cloud solutions can help to bring local products faster to the local markets, in a more efficient way (think on logistics and transport). On the regulatory side, the European Union needs to harmonize the different national lega