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Artificial Intelligence - should we plead guilty?

AI is probably, with Quantum computing, one of the most exciting scientific promise that technology could make to humanity. We all have seen those pictures about the sci-fi mad robot, the super evil system that wanted to control humans etc. but those two frightening examples remain situations that have been imagined by human brains. No more, no less. When it has something to do with pragmatic reality, you can find some interesting intermediate conclusions in the AI100 Stanford University report ( download it right here ). When reading the Exec Sum and the overview of the document, I have to say I was quite impressed by the diversity and the sectors that were listed: Transportation Health care Education Low-resource communities Public safety & security Employment & Workspace Home & Service robots Entertainment And when you think on it, AI has already disrupted all those sectors, today, in our daily life (with a real focus on life improvement, ease of use and