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Thinking fast and slow?

Currently reading Thinking, Fast and Slow from Daniel Kahneman , I'm fascinated by the influence of the 'priming' effect (which is, basically, the effect of one idea to another one. Let's pretend you read some words about 'fatigue', 'old age' and 'high temperatures' for example...well, this will conduct you to move and walk slower, for example). What strikes me on the reading is how sensitive we are on contextual (even unconscious) information. Because if you take a serious look at what Kahneman is saying (and his explanation is based on various academic publications), it means that even when you think that you make a coherent, well-thought, rational choice... you're not.   A conclusion that brings me then in my business environment, where we all try (especially as a management consultant) to give best guidance and advices to make the client take the proper and best decision as possible. Decision-making as a process is certainly far fr