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A real European strategy for Cloud Computing

Being attending a political discussion yesterday evening, I was surprised (and happy) to hear that some politician finally understand and do care about new technology in Belgium (and in Europe). It seems that the public sector - at large - is now discovering the virtues of new technologies (job creation, environmental friendly sector, inclusion of jobless people in a sector that is continuously looking for bright minds and new ideas etc.). And one of my concern (I blogged already about it) is the lack of real, ambitious programme for offering a European strategic alternative for data storage (on a cloud-based model) and the support for alternative US software providers (exception made for the German SAP ERP software). Why is that Europeans are not capable to bring to market Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Oracle giants? Where are Nokia, Ericsson, Linux today? And do we finally have a strategy to address the European market and propose a road forward? Interesting links to this Di