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Is the new Internet for 2022?

Is there something really new happening on the Internet space? I mean something else than cloud computing, refactoring old (crappy) code, revamping Amazon's web shop....and is the Internet of today a GAFA private money club, where the users have to pay for quality content, adds free music, first hand conversations, without the trolls, the haters, the product advertisements?  Well, it seems that some scientists are preparing another possible future for a network that should belong to anyone, without any closed systems, any 'owner' of infrastructure nor specific protocols (yes, in a way, we all have been 'vendor locked' in our private life). We all heard about the Facebook name change, the construction of a Meta Universe (let's hope we will improve the virtual copy)...but have you heard about DFINITY? Does the Internet Computer ring a bell? If not, I strongly recommend to have a look at this Swiss foundation and the work of Dominic Williams. Understanding the comp