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Some pictures of the trip

One or two pictures of the trip I made in NY last week; the idea was to explore any intiatives and business publications about competitive intelligence and knowledge management. I know the US event of the SCIP organisation will be held in Manhattan at the end of the month, but I'll probably attend the european sessions in October 06. A view of Manhattan (from the Empire State Building - Floor 86) For the ones that like Pop Art, here a famous picture (MoMA) Here left, a small market at Union Square. New Yorkers have still green on their tables ;-)

Just back from NY

We arrived in Belgium this night, after seven days business (and leisure ;-) trip to big apple. A good weather, an excellent sightseeing, a lot of shopping and full of good readings about wining the knowledge game . I'll discuss later on what to understand under the expression. For now, I'll explain here a little bit more about the connections and the matrix symptom, still based on Haeckel his article. Matrix management consists of: the lines connecting roles in an organizational matrix are not informed by a systems design. Instead, they are lines of communication connecting people in different silos of authority. These lines almost always increase ambiguity about who is responsible for what. A 1998 study of multidivisional teams in a large multiproduct company quantified the opportunity cost of matrix conflict in terms of deals lost, not pursued, or not closed because of non competitive bids at more than $10 million, and the company had dozens of these teams in operation at an