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Enjoy the winter break!!


2013: Snow(den) in Canada...

What stroke me this year (let's pretend the year is finished, okay?) is the contradiction residing in the private and public sector trends: On one hand, democatric citizens claim responsibility (environmental, corporate social responsibility, food transparency and regulation of the financial markets, for example) - hoping probably with those requests to establish a more democratic and transparent society; On the other hand, we read every day in international press about democratic governements (remember? the one that was supposed to bring peace and democracy in Irak?) about spying and analyzing millions of communcation files, correspondance and messages exchanged amongst normal citizens, like you and me. The morality of this simple contradiction could be: Public sector and some 'democratic' states are eroding the trust for whom they are working for; 'Leading by example' is not a common practice within politics (surprised, hu?) ...but what's differe