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Digging in philosophy with social media?

One of the most funny observation I do when reading social media threads (likes; shared information; questions asked and suggested quiz that will convince you that you're a genius) is to compare the recurrence and the apparent pattern of those. Like for example, a quite popular question of the moment is to wonder if Google is more innovative than Apple (but who cares about that? What's the value of that kind of opinion?). Another good one is the philosophical 'flavor' behind some (pretended) quotes (like 'You will only lose if you give up' by W. Churchill or ' If you can't explain complexity simply, you don't understand it ' by A. Einstein and, a last one for the road: " Value the relationship more than the quota " by Zig Ziglar). And with such a strong metaphysical background, I will quote my conclusion: a fool will always remain a fool .