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I just read an article in a Belgian magazine about Banking and Finance. It was all about The growing importance of intangible assets in the stock markets . The article highlighted the fact that traditional audit procedures and processes were only taking into account the evaluation of tangible goods and that the intangible part of our economy was quickly growing. And the author (Marc Luyckx) is right. And I’m still amazed that nobody drives seriously a community about the assessment of intangible assets, sharing information and research results like for some Open Source projects or any ordinary Wikipedia article. The pending question here is to know who has to take the lead in that kind of research. Does the private accounting and audit sector need to work on some evaluation tools (and on what the market will put the credibility and the neutrality of the KPIs into questions) or do we need to have a public ‘political’ initiative, like the European Commission leading some specific
Using the Nokia LifeBlog application is impossible with Blogger accounts (except if you include the API code to the Nokia application yourself - which is probably nearly impossible for 99,99% of the common blogger - thank you folks for the solution). But anyway, the Nokia LifeBlog app is pretty cool and allows you Blog postings directly from the phone. See here: Lifeblog automatically collects your images, videos, text and multimedia messages, sounds and blog posts into a single diary that you can easily browse, share, store, and search. Lifeblog is also available for PCs. Store more, browse more, share more of your life with Lifeblog PC. For more information, visit . So, my solution is to create a new Google doc and to insert LifeBlog pictures and elements for posting it from Google doc (where the automatic log in is perfectly working). The other easy solution is to drop your Blogger account and go for a TypePad compatible one ;-)
An amazing experience, I'm just back from Saudi Arabia, where we had a business trip with some KPMG colleagues... It was a fantastic learning experience, where I discovered the booming reality of the Gulf region.