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Code club in UK

Good to read that learning coding to children is not that easy....every programming book I read always repeat the same processes (what are integers, variables, routines bla bla etc.) but never found something funny to explain or to show to my 8 years son... That's why the code club is that great!! Check their blog and donate!! and BTW, when the same everywhere in Europe???

Being green while selling consulting services?

KPMG was voted Sustainable Firm of the year at this month’s inaugural industry awards by the International Accounting Bulletin. Avind Hickman, editor of International Accounting Bulletin, said KPMG was able to demonstrate with hard data how much its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives across the KPMG network had made a difference. “It also showed thought leadership by holding the sustainability summit which has underscored KPMG’s already very strong reputation on sustainability services.”