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Are containers defining your next data strategy?

When it comes to decide which infrastructure you need to buy, the question of the use and the purpose of the technology is always crucial. But once you adopt (as I suppose you do) virtualization, you probably built your architecture on well-known products (VMware, Hyper-V), being now influenced by the Linux Open Source techs, like Docker and Kubernetes. The slight difference between the two situations is that, today, your technology will probably define your data storage strategy. Let me explain. One of the big barrier of Docker containers is the data persistence. And you have basically two possibilities for data consistency: 1. working with Docker volumes, within the host file system; 2. working with a data container, being a logical mounting point where the data can be abstracted. And because of that data persistence need, 3 different scenario's can be sketched for a data strategy: (a) Docker data volumes can be put on a direct storage; (b) You can use existing storag