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Is KM dying (or is it already dead?)

The same question is regularly posted on the net, with most of the time, KM people certifying that they are still active and innovative within the KM area, but ...this time, APQC releases the yearly question via Steve Denning (previous CKO at the World Bank and famous author of a story telling book). Check the discussion here online... My opinion is that as long that people are raising the finger to know if KM is still alive, it is a good sign of vitality. Plus, if you are still not convinced, check the number of publications that are foreseen in 2009 on Amazon - with a knowledge management title...amazing :-) My view is that we all started, very excited, in that new KM track, not really knowing how to structure the field - but, that in the meantime, a lot of research and progresses have been made. A lot of companies, that started some KM initiative in late nineties are now considering to grab the fruits of their investments. And all other organizations that stopped those projects