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Always being eager to share some free learning resources on the net, just to let you know that Microsoft is currently offering a time limited access on its e-learning portal. If you are planning to develop (or to lead some projects where some work flow or mobile development is needed), you can access the Microsoft site via this link: I believe that a lot of project managers working in the document management area will have to cope with work flow foundation, like the software proposed by Interwoven, Metastorm and/or Microsoft. By the way, I also tested last week the Google Docs&Spreadsheets editors which are fantastically easy to use and to submit to any Internet user you know (simply via the e-mail address). A kind of good compromise between a private document and a wiki... Moreover, if you are a Blogger account user, you can automatically publish your document on your Blog. Who spoke about work flow here ?
I was yesterday and Wednesday in Paris at the Economic Intelligence fair ( ), where we met a lot of interesting people. A lot of conferences, dynamic products demo and some useful contacts have been made around the Competitive Intelligence topic. Interesting to note is that Web 2.0 is taking the lead within the new trends, even for competitive intelligence people (your learn so much with reading between the lines of a blog :-)

Podcasting on Blogger ?

I just found a good documentation for adding some podcasting features to your Blog, thanks to the Feedburner conversion. Check this out here . Who has tried this already ?

Community leaders

I received today a Linkedin connection from the previous community leader on the KnowledgeBoard, Ed Mitchell. Ed is now an independent community facilitator and coaches several initiatives around the Internet and the Communities. If you're interested in that topic, have a look at A refreshing insight on the (off and online) community administration...