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Vacation, Dobelli and disconnection

Being back from a nice vacation, I could only remember the landscapes, the visited places and the impression of beauty those left in my mind (I also read the very inspiring Off to the Side: A Memoir of Jim Harrison (2002), that I warmly recommend). And then you come back to work, Internet, wifi, civilization. I could not prevent me for comparing the quality of information, of action and (most important) reflection I had during those two periods. What is striking is the loss of time, the (really) poor quality on what we read online, what is blogged (and you can consider this as being part of that eRubbish) and what we really do with that information we gather the whole day long. Digging into the subject, and if you like going back to in-depth analysis, understanding the impact of disruption on your mind, on your work, on your judgement, I strongly recommend to go to (yeah, I know. I'm full of contradictions) the site of Rolf Dobelli and download his article on News Diet . But