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How to understand Enterprise Architecture?

Being discussing operational IT every day, there is currently a new (re-born) trend for Enterprise architecture. But what do we really mean with the term architecture? How can we really understand the concept and what about the different business domains it covers? Basically, I believe it's fair to consider three or four different architectures within a corporation: 1. The business architecture, which stands for guiding people, processes and changes in the firm so that you can adapt the company to the disruptive market drivers; 2. The information architecture, where you will identify the information that are needed to make your business run. It also explores the new sources of information needed to drive the business and answer the disruptive market forces; 3. The solution architecture which will be your software / product portfolio. This includes applications, processes, schemes, shared infrastructure and services that could be a solution for a client; 4. The Technolog