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Net Futures 2015 announced

Now that we have a new European Commission in place (and if, by any chance, you spent your last twelve months in a fridge, have a look here if you want to know more about it ), the political work may start. One of the major action item we have to work on (amongst many others, I agree) is on technology and the digital agenda (we all remember the 2020 digital objectives, with becoming the most competitive digital economy in the world ). Well, in the meantime, we had a financial crisis (still), budget discussions, wars, Ebola, UK out of Europe (oh, no, sorry, that's not decided yet)...and I have the impression that the road to our technology heaven is still very long. But. The Commission worked on an ambitious agenda and in the last Open Innovation Letter, the dates for the new Net Futures 2015 have been announced (March 25-26 2015, in Brussels). The event will be a bring together event, around all the hype tech topics of today (cloud, open technologies, software and services)