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A new year has come. Really?

After this special 2020 year, it might be time to think on what we've learned, what turned out positive, after all, on the pandemic. First and foremost, a first reminder would be that we're not all equal against the virus. And by that I mean on the genetical side, where you could be in good health but very sensitive to the infection. Or even older, but not knowing you carry it. That's the Russian roulette part of the game. A second lesson learned is that your attitude against the pandemic (and your profound belief on what to do or not) relies nearly exclusively on the way your favorite media are relating Covid19 stories. Which is quite frightening I would say. It reminds us that sources trust, facts checking are even more important today than before; look at the differences between crisis treatments in US, Brazil or Europe. From one side, you have a do nothing strategy, where people die in millions - and on the other side of the spectrum, a continent closing its internal bo