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When Tech is really helping making the world a better place...

 If you're a Sillicon Valley sitcom fan as I'm, you know that Big Tech has no other ambition than making the world a better place , which is one of the most misused, fake, hypocritical statement that Tech leaders do. And yet. There are, sometimes, real innovative ideas, potential breakthrough that could save people, improve health...and transform our planet for the better. In this post, I would like to promote the work of some colleagues, working on the  NTT's Medical and Health Vision toward the Creation of a  Bio-digital Twin. This attempt to duplicate your body, simulated through computing power, needs to perform researches for  acquiring and analyzing  biological information and enabling treatment in the body, namely, elemental  technologies concerning bio-digital twins. * Data-driven Medical and Health Support Created Using Bio-digital Twin * Efforts in Analyzing Risks and Factors Concerning Lifestyle-related Diseases and Long-term Care * Behavior-change Support T