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About being 20-something and reading books

Without being controversial, I was browsing the Linkedin news (loosing my time?) and came through an article about 'being around 20 years old and reading 5 books' . And, sorry, I can't leave it, I need to express my disagreement on those kind of advices (apologies to the author of the post). 1. Its is so striking to mention 5 books and being around the twenties...but, oh, yes, I know. Reading is not hype anymore, it requires attention and intellectual effort - so, don't read too much. You could be 20 years old and have an headache; 2. Five books...twenty years...Hell, yes. That's a math. One book every two years ('cause you need to have finished your reading list before being old (that's reaching the canonical age of 30); again: one book every 24 months of your life is a real personal challenge. 3. And now comes the list itself: the top first one is Paul Coehlo's Alchemist, which is, I agree on that one, a great book. Now being the one that you sho