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Big data and Big technologies

While reading the McKinsey Big data report ( that’s a worth reading one,you can find the document right here ), some questions popped in my mind regarding the concrete use of ‘big technology’ (and not only the produced data) in the consulting world really means. For example, having attended the HP Discover 2014 Conference, there are some highly impacting technologies that will radically transform our economy (and that’s the kind of slogan you will read in every management business book). But the remaining question is ‘HOW’? In the ‘Big technologies’, we should include what we call nowadays ‘disruptive’ technologies, being cloud computing (but what's the real, concrete shift for Small and Medium Enterprises for example? Is the cloud really changing the way the SME’s will operate on their markets?); big data might change tremendously marketing and client prospection, especially when public data sets will be made available (and we could imagine the setup of open, public