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Today, we are all smart.

Technology does not stand still. We all know that. And after the personal computer revolution, we had the Apple 'renaissance', the cloud computing birth, Facebook, Amazon. But today, being personnally more involved in Enterprise Architecture projects, I have to say that fragmentation and technical diversity has brought complexity and an interwoven architecture landscape (just google on the Sysadmin or big data Open source landscapes and you will see what I mean) in every working environment. And now, it is leaving the IT rooms and Data centers to invade your life and your city. If we all can expect life improvement (more time to waste on social networks, for example 😏), better quality time and cheaper technical maintenance, the IT landscapes have become tremendously complex. Check on the new innovations that will be considered and installed by several big cities in the world and you will conclude that if the twentieth century was "the" management period, the nex