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European institutions about Cloud Computing in EU

New strategy to create single set of rules for cloud computing and increase EU GDP by €160 billion annually by 2020. Many of us are using ‘cloud computing’ without even realising it. Web based e mail, Facebook and Spotify all use the technology to store data such as pictures, videos and text files. The files are stored in massive data centres containing hundreds of servers and storage systems that are compatible with very nearly all computer software. When you wish to access your information, you simply connect to the ‘cloud’ from your PC, smartphone or tablet.The advantages are numerous – users don’t have to buy or maintain expensive servers and data-storage systems. Over 80% of businesses already using the technology have reported a drop in IT costs of 10-20%, while 20% have seen savings of 30% or higher. In addition to lowering IT costs, cloud computing saves office space and reduces the need for in-house IT support teams. But the EU is not yet reaping the full potential of cl