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New Microsoft Architecture journal (n°10)

Just to mention the two good (amongst others, of course) articles in the latest MS Architecture journal (you will find it here within a few days) about Data quality through Enterprise Information Architecture and a sound approach in 'Better Improvement through better architected software'. It's all clear we're moving from a line of business driven software development to a real and deep end-user interaction, being able to define and describe, even to design, itself what he needs to have on the screen.

Happy New 2007 !

Well, it has been a while since the last post, sorry for that. Too much work on projects and internal requests, keeping the nose on the wheel... But one good resolution for this year will be to start with the UnBla conference in Zwitzerland within one week, where I'll be presenting the KM article I wrote about my experience within KPMG in Belgium. A good opportunity to meet some other information management experts and to share potential new research projects within the FP 7.0 of the European Commission's IST programme. Some more feedback will be available online, I'm pretty sure of that. Anyway, I you want to find some info on the UnBla conference, please check the UnBla site . See you in Luzern next week ?