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Using Windows Live Writer on an ex-Blogger (Google) Blog note

I just installed the new 'Live' editor, enhancing Blogging capabilities and enriching the Blog posts with Tag, Video and Maps (all from Microsoft), but with enhanced features (compared to Google Doc options, with the pretty cool one stop click option - posting your post from your online document). Some plug-ins have been developed (but I did not test it yet), but a first good point was the automatic language dictionary download (French, English and Dutch in my Belgian case :-) I also imagine the combination of two specific Microsoft 'content' editors that are  MS Office Sharepoint Designer 2007 and this Live Writer tool. Working and editing content with those two software should lead to rich and dynamic content. I will tell you more about that in some next posts. BTW, tomorrow I will have a KPMG Belgium Alumni cocktail (the alumni group is also virtually existing on LinkedIn for web experts). Normally, we will have some nice professional pictures to show about th
I just started to use my brand mini (tiny?) EeePC - with so many useful and simple features on it (a basic 7 inches screen, 3 hours battery :-) and a 4Gig RAM on a good stable WinXP. Super !! It starts in a few seconds, with all loaded and a ready to surf interface. This will definitely be the future of mobile computing (900 grams in the pocket). A very good and cheap investment.