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Upfront disruptive technologies? back to the code!!

I spent the last weeks in attending a lot of meetings (oh, God, has someone invented 3D avatars to go in my place?), presentations and some good ideas (most of the time) from some CEO's, technical evangelists or some past glorious executives...and one topic is now clearly back on the's about disruptive technologies (and innovation , again). But what is this all about? Disruptive technologies, implying that any new technology would not disrupt the traditional business model, established market or long-time service provider? Seriously? Well, I learned around two decades ago that Michael Porter invented a strategy analysis with five forces, from one of them was the 'Treat of new entrants' . And that is exactly what is happening in the customer services market, with phenomenons like Uber, AirBnB, name it. Some brilliant ideas are transformed thanks subtle code and smart applications into billion dollars businesses, but I don't clear

ESPC 2014 - Barcelona

Just being back from the ESPC 2014 edition (what a great city, a fantastic weather – how no to fall in love with Spain, really?) where thousands of presentation were given. In a nutshell, we had four great key notes, on Social and Sharepoint 2013, but not only. A special mention to RafalLukawiecki (Boticelli project) for his very well-prepared presentations, his hands-on approach on the BI side of the Sharepoint force and, last but certainly not least, his sense of humor. But what stroke me on during the four days we had is how few (to my knowledge, this must have been zero if I'm not mistaken) speakers proposed as subject an alternative client computer other than a recent Windows machine. Why not connecting a native Mac, Linux, older MS OS, tablets, Androïd phones to some Sharepoint or SQL instances? If I can understand that Microsoft wants to promote uniformity of their products and avoid diverse technologies, I believe however that this would bring a more concrete and