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How the CIO spends his / her time

While reading an interesting article on business transformation and the CIO role, I came to some clear statistics about what a CIO does in a day and how to categorize those activities (putting a name on the stuff helps, most of the time at least, to have a clear understanding and a very clear explanation when you have to explain it to someone else). Here are the categories (all credits go to the CIO Executive Council): 1/ CIO as business strategist spends time on: Developing and refining business strategy Studying market trends/customer needs to identify commercial opportunities Driving business innovation Identifying opportunities for competitive differentiation Developing new go-to-market strategies & technologies 2/ Modern CIO's also have a transformational role to fulfill: Redesigning business processes Aligning IT initiatives with business goals Cultivating the IT/business partnership Leading change efforts Implementing new systems and architecture 3/ .