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If you wonder how to keep your important emails attractive and eye-catching, take a look at Chip Heath's article in the McKinsey Quarterly briefing. Six basic traits are advised: Simplicity . Messages are most memorable if they are short and deep. Glib sound bites are short, but they don’t last. Proverbs such as the golden rule are short but also deep enough to guide the behavior of people over generations. Unexpectedness . Something that sounds like common sense won’t stick. Look for the parts of your message that are un common sense. Such messages generate interest and curiosity. Concreteness . Abstract language and ideas don’t leave sensory impressions; concrete images do. Compare “get an American on the moon in this decade” with “seize leadership in the space race through targeted technology initiatives and enhanced team-based routines.” Credibility . Will the audience buy the message? Can a case be made for the message or is it a confabulation of spin? Very often